My method of dog training is balanced dog training. The basic principle of this is pressure on, pressure off. Pressure can be verbal, spatial and/or physical. The concept is having your dog learn how to turn the pressure off and therefore you receiving the wanted behavior. My approach creates a new set of rules, boundaries and communication to help achieve a calm and relaxed state of mind. Your dogs mindset is crucial to diminishing bad behavior.

Bad behavior must be corrected. I do not do this in a dominating or aggressive manner. It needs to be communicated to your dog what behavior you do not want to see (pressure on). This can be done in a calm un-frustrating manner. Along with corrections, this approach also rewards good or wanted behavior (pressure off). My main concern is to have a healthy, balanced and calm state of mind dog; this is the foundation of my training. You can not “spot train” a bad behavior. Bad behavior will continue if they are not in the correct mindset. An anxious dog needs to have it communicated to them that this is not the head place you should be living in. Once that is communicated we can then continue with basic obedience training and curbing unwanted behaviors. The communication tunnel must be clear between you and your dog. They MUST know NO, GOOD and BREAK.

I use the herm sprenger prong collar in my basic training sessions. This tool is important in the communication process. I use this tool, well firstly because it works. It helps you have a calm, non-pulling, lunging dog. A properly fitted prong collar applies evenly distributed pressure(communication). The flat collars, choke chains and martingales do not apply even pressure all around the dogs neck. They only apply pressure at the throat of a dog, hence why you see many pulling dogs choking and having trouble breathing.

Motivation is another important factor in training. A big motivator for most dogs is food. For most cases I will be using their daily food during our training sessions. Other methods of motivation are toys and affection.

Pet convincers can be used to help with unwanted behaviors. This is a canister of compressed air that does not need to be directed at them, but just pressed and can get a dog out of something it is fixated on.

I also train low level E-collar training. This training tool enables you to have a trustworthy off leash dog. It is a low level stimulation. More information will be given if this is a training method you would be interested in.

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